All sorrows are less with bread…

My bread making goes in phases, the most recent ones guided by a lovely book written by a Doctor from my homeland.

bread book

Dr Morton, as he should now properly be called, was a finalist on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ in 2012.  He blogs at Baking James and is well worth a read, in print and online.


The recipe I use is actually the first one in the book, a recipe for Basic White Bread.  It is a simple ‘no knead needed’ version of bread and it has never failed me.

The new thing for me this time was the LÉKUÉ Silicone bread maker, from Lakeland (the BEST SHOP EVER, and one I’m not really allowed in without supervision – my wallet can’t take it!).

bread maker

This lovely device allows you to mix, prove, knead, rise and bake your loaf in one container – NO EXTRA WASHING UP!!  So.  here is a quick guide to how I did it (can you tell I’m proud of it!)

  1. Weigh and mix the ingredients then leave to rest and grow under a damp tea towel.IMG_0639
  2. Using a wet hand scoop and fold the dough, turning the maker by quarters until it is smooth.  Cover again and leave for a full hour until doubled in size.IMG_0641
  3. Knock back and knead before shaping.IMG_0640
  4. Allow another hour of rising.
  5. Score and bake in preheated oven, at least 40 minutes for a deep gold crust and no soggy bottoms.IMG_0643    IMG_0644


I took the loaf over to my parents and let Mum have the first cut – we did try it before dinner though!

IMG_0645        IMG_0646


So, full marks for recipe and bread maker – I’m getting there!!

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