That time of year….

I don’t do Halloween but this time of year means two other things to me…

Number one is that Nanowrimo starts tomorrow!  For those who are not aware (or have not heard me go on about it) Nano is the National Write a Novel in a Month challenge.  Write 50,000 words in November, or 1667 words per day, and you have the base of a novel…. I’ve only won the once but generally take part.  This year however a change, not fan-fiction but original fiction, a murder mystery set in 1847.  A feisty Scottish governess in a closed environment of death…. here goes!


Number two for me is the white dog in my blog title.  The black dog I borrowed from Churchill, my mental health issues, but the white dog I adopted seven years ago today.


Honestly, I’m not sure why I put him in there either!


This is Conall, it means strong wolf in gaelic and it made me giggle.  He is my heart and my little baby.


When he needs a haircut he looks like a womble – a name he now responds to!



I promise this is the same dog.


So, happy seventh anniversary and half birthday….. my little man.

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