Starting Again…

So… new year and a new start.

There’s been a few changes since I last wrote… got  a new job (working in Education for a local council), starting writing a new novel and kept on walking my little friend!

Still… new year and new ideas.  I’m trying to write every day this year, even it’s a 100 words then a drabble is an advance on nothing…

I’m also on a programme with the NHS called Weigh Ahead.  I am working on losing weight with the aim of getting a gastric band… not about appearance or being slim, just about not having backache and sore joints!  It is hard to lose weight with the medication I take for my head… no anti-depressants have a slimming effect!  So far so good… I’ve lost 4.5 kilo so far so I’m on track for the programme.

So hopefully this will be a new start; blogging, crafting and writing.

Here’s to the new year ahead and may we all have a good year.

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