22 review…

A brief look back at 2022….

What to remember… lots really. The biggest change happened on April 12. I went into hospital and had a gastric sleeve operation. This means that around three quarters of my stomach were removed and I was left with a narrow tube instead. Since then I have lost 41 kilos (91 pounds or 6 stone and 7 pounds). I’m not sure of the inches overall but I’m several sizes down and have been able to donate clothes several times. My diabetes has reversed and I haven’t felt this good in years. ALL my thanks to Mum and Dad for sponsoring and supporting me.

Crafting has continued apace…. knitting and crocheting in the evening stops the desire for food – mostly! I made things for neighbours, friends and family – especially Astrid my neice. Toddler garments are cute and quick and Mum and I are determined that the child will be warm!

Unfortunately I lost my little Conall in September and I miss him everyday… and the walks

Thinking ahead I have a few resolutions for 2023 and writing them here will remind me….

  • Use face cream more regularly.
  • Blogging more regularly.
  • Read more books and record them.
  • Move more – this will probably involve a new dog
  • Keep up the good work

Starting as I mean to go on, today I read Robert Harris’ new book Act of Oblivion. It was a rattling good yarn that had me from page 1 until the end. The Act of Oblivion was the universal pardon issued to all Roundheads when Charles II came to the throne – apart from the regicides who signed his father’s death warrant. The book follows two Commonwealth Colonels who flee to New England and the Royalist determined to find them. Highly recommended.

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