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Keeping safe…

This is what I am currently knitting (along with a little jumper – obviously). Dualaich by Liz Cooke ( I am knitting it with a present to myself – King Cole pure merino in the colourway Lapis. Whenever I lose 10 kilo I buy a prize – the last two were yarn I admit!!

Although I love this shawl – what I wanted to write about are the strings of embroidery cotton threaded through the kniting – my lifelines.

I learned to lifeline with the very first lace knitting I ever attempted – quite a while ago now. A lifeline is a thread of narrower cotton or wool threated through all the stitches at regular intervals as you knit – in Dualaich that’s every 12 rows which makes up a repeat. If everything goes wrong, you miscount, drop stitches or just lose the plot entirely you can take the knitting off the needles and ‘frog*’ back to the stitches you have kept safe.

(*Frogging is where you take your knitting apart and ripit ripit)

As I threaded the most recent of these I pondered my reading today in Daily Bread – Luke 15:11-32. The prodigal thought he had cast everything aside but his lifeline was still there… may we all be as fortunate.

I have a close and loving relationship with my family, they are always there for me… in prayer and in aid. I also have friends and the women of my church’s WhatsApp group if I need them. My lifelines are present and strong.

If you ever need them there is a webpage of resources here:

For anyone who knows me…. text / call / contact if you need … passing on what I have been given!

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