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Beginings and Endings….

Beginings – a new man as detailed yesterday. So, there has been a name change and Ghillie will now and forever be known as Mungo. Not Jerry (although the joke has already been made) but St Mungo – the patron of Glasgow and animal lover – the Scottish St Francis! (

In the category of Endings I finished another book – Buried by Prof Alice Roberts. This was an interesting read, archaeology and anthroplogy and the story of a millennium through burials – the skeletons and grave goods left behind. I do like her writings but my one complaint is a personal one – I know she is a humanist – she is clear about that on twitter and in her writing. I respect her beliefs – I just wish it felt a little more like she respected mine. Calling Christianity a successful Levantine cult leaves me a little heart sore.

This was a good read – you just need to clue into her style. I will read the prequel to this – Ancestors – on my kindle (this one was in hardback) and hopefully being in a pre-Christian setting I’ll feel it less pointed.

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